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About trade show

In Ukraine, today diversification strategy of external sources and energy resources is an important mean to restructure the country's economy and improve its competitiveness. Using local resources and favorable geo-economic position - is a direct way to achieve maximum efficiency of the Ukrainian enterprises.

GreenEXPO presents:

  • Engineering solutions and its implementation
  • New technologies
  • Successfully implemented projects
  • Experience exchange with professionals
  • Investment perspectives

We invite companies of different industry and economy sectors of Ukraine, to dialogue, research the market and find the right solutions to face the challenges of energy:

  • Construction and design companies
  • Industrial and mining enterprises
  • Food industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Mobile operators
  • Remote monitoring facilities, etc. 

Thematic areas

Solar Energy:

  • Solar photovoltaic modules.
  • Solar photovoltaic systems.
  • Solar collectors.

Wind Energy:

  • Wind turbines.
  • Windpumps.
  • Wind turbines.
  • Masts for measuring wind potential.
  • Anemometers and sensors for determination of wind potential.
  • Design of wind farms.


  • Hydraulic generators.
  • Accession to the grid.
  • Service and maintenance.
  • Reconstruction of small hydropower plants.


  • Gas turbines.
  • Gas piston units.
  • Microturbine installation.
  • Units using other fuels.
  • Absorption machines and fan coils.
  • Design, installation, commissioning and service.

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